Your Effortless Path to Tax Credits and Incentives

What if the incentives and credits you could earn by incorporating Work Opportunity Tax Credits into your hiring program could offset a portion (or even all) of your screening program costs?

Sterling Talent Solutions helps you take advantage of the growing popularity of tax credits and incentives and boost your return on investment when hiring employees. Integrated with our partners at Tax Credit Co., this streamlined, paperless solution ensures your new hires are automatically surveyed for eligibility.

Candidates who can qualify for incentives and credits include:

  • Veterans
  • Government assistance recipients
  • Persons with disabilities
  • And more

Thousands of companies take advantage of government provided tax credits and business incentives — but many leave opportunity on the table by not taking full advantage of these programs.

Check out our Work Opportunity Tax Credit Calculator to find this solution can benefit your organization

Work Opportunity Tax Credit Calculator

Use our calculator to find out how much the WOTC program can benefit your business

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