The First Step When Starting Any Screening Program

You want to confirm that your candidate is who they say they are. Our Social Security Number Trace (or Address History Search) is a crucial component of criminal history research and the first step of any effective background check. It provides you with your candidate’s address history and is used as a roadmap to select court jurisdictions that should be researched. Additionally, it provides any critical alias names that have been associated with that social security number.

Our proprietary technology translates the results of a Social Security Number Trace, automatically and in seconds, into county or state criminal records searches. This dramatically improves the turnaround time for pre-employment background screening — up to 50% faster than industry norms.

Our Social Security Number Trace allows you to:

  • Review and confirm up to 10 years of address history
  • Identify names and aliases associated with the social security number
  • Review any “also known as” names such as maiden names, nicknames, common misspellings and more