Employment Eligibility Simplified

Form I-9 and E-Verify solutions are an essential part of any business’ onboarding process. Knowing your hires are eligible to work brings a definite sense of security to your workforce. Our I-9 management solution has the tools you need to manage your entire I-9 process from start to finish, including form completion, data migration, validation, audit, remediation and storage.

Through real-time validation, precise error detection and simple remediation, you can reduce manual I-9 processing time by up to 75%, increasing your team’s productivity. What’s more, the solution can be used for both local and remote hires, reducing valuable time-to-hire and associated costs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Sterling Talent Solutions can import your existing I-9 archive so that you can track your employment eligibility across all your locations with one version of the truth
  • Compliance is built in, helping you stay up-to-date with the most current forms
  • Step-by-step guidelines give you and your employees full support through the entire process
  • Automation from signature to results creates a higher level of efficiency
  • Audit-ready files are a mouse click away for easy access
  • A speedy turnaround time can confirm eligibility in a matter of seconds

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