Simpler Screening Through Paperless Solutions and Expansive Collection Network

It’s no secret that screening for substance abuse ties directly into the quality and safety of your workforce. Whether you are federally mandated to test your workers or have adopted your own program to protect your organization, a strong substance abuse testing and health screening solution is key to having confidence in your workforce.

Convenient, Accurate and Compliant

Our drug and health screening solutions are among the fastest and most convenient with more than 12,000 test sites nationwide, most of which support electronic paperless processing. Our services span everything from regulated to non-regulated drug-free workplace programs and were designed to provide you the most accurate results when you need them.

We support all the components of both regulated and non-regulated drug-free workplace (DFWP) testing programs, including:

  • Previous employer Department of Transportation (DOT) reference verifications
  • Random testing selection, oversight and compliance reporting
  • Protocol and policy development
  • Online and onsite employee training
  • Pre-audit, in-audit and post-audit support
  • Mock substance abuse test auditing

Need Help with Physical Qualification and Medical Examinations?

We help employers select the correct location with appropriate medical personnel to perform physical and fitness-for-duty exams, and even schedule tests and receive results electronically.

Contact us to find out how to streamline your drug testing and health screening program and hire with confidence.