Sterling Talent Solutions and Mathnasium recognize the importance of Background Checks as part of the Employment Screening process.

As an employer, you have a responsibility to provide a safe work environment for customers and employees. Sterling Talent Solutions’s background screening services put comprehensive and verified information in your hands to make informed employment decisions. We have created a partnership to offer high quality background checks and outstanding service at a reasonable cost to our franchisees.


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Please contact Sterling Talent Solutions’s Support Line at 888-889-5248 client code 6060 between 5.00am and 5.00pm (PST) with questions on the background check process.

Background Screening
Criminal Record Checks give you reliable information on an employee’s criminal history. A Criminal Record Check is a requirement for all Mathnasium employees. Services and resources to Sterling Talent Solutions users are detailed in the application. For more information on what each report covers, refer to our Background Screening Services Policy and Sterling Talent Solutions website.

How Do I Get Started?
Consumer reporting is a sensitive industry regarding personal information and legal compliance. Our application includes a credentialing application for employment intent verification, an end user certification acknowledging the Fair Credit Reporting Act, service pricing, and payment information. There is no setup or management fee.

To sign up with Sterling Talent Solutions, we ask that you download the PDF, then email the completed agreement to:
Lawrence Lubang | Client Service Executive
email: Lawrence.Lubang@sterlingts.com

Once we receive your request, a Sterling Talent Solutions representative will be in touch with you to complete the signup process.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact Lawrence.Lubang@sterlingts.com

Background Check FAQs

Mathnasium Corporate is not requiring re-screens if you have background checked your employees using all the minimum required checks before. However, background checks are only valid up to the dates they were performed, and typically they do not show any criminal activity thereafter. Sterling Talent Solutions always suggests a re-screen to get one up to date, considering the depth of the new screening packages, or an annual check to ensure maximum due diligence.

Unfortunately, there is no way for Sterling Talent Solutions to single out one search to “fill” a gap not previously checked. Too many variables exist to consider which gaps to fill and if there was activity that was not searched liability could exist. It is necessary to run a complete search to ensure maximum coverage and due diligence.

Because of the highly regulated, sensitive nature of the background screening industry the FTC and Fair Credit Reporting Act mandate entities are identified and legitimized via a credentialing application with information completed on page one and two.

Yes. Per guidelines for compliance to verify legitimacy of company and credit worthiness a bank and two references is mandatory. Please list your bank name (your account number is not necessary). Please also list two trade references for example: #1 – Mathnasium Corporate offices on Goldleaf in Los Angeles, and #2: Water supplier, Paper supplier, i.e. Staples, Office Depot, Alhambra Water, etc.

Pricing has been negotiated to favorable terms by Mathnasium Corporate. The costs were analyzed to be significantly lower than the previous vendor; with a deeper, more comprehensive and compliant search offered by Sterling Talent Solutions. All costs can be found on the last page of the credentialing package.

The base criminal package (PRE-POPULATED) is approved as the minimum screens to run for applicants and re-screening employees. This screen searches the last seven years of residency, with an incarceration trace locator, and a national database looking for felonies and misdemeanors the county court level.

Mathnasium Corporate does recommend additional screening of previous employers (2) and verifications of education (highest level). These prices have been negotiated to about 50% of the previous vendors, and because of this offer value to verify your employees. Three packages have been created to help facilitate order placement.

Consent forms can be completed manually or sent electronically inside the Sterling Talent Solutions platform via email and are mandatory per the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

  1. Manual Process w/ Instant Social Trace: Social Security Number is inputted and information pre-populates walking the user through basic steps to submission of order (typically four clicks of mouse).
  2. Electronic Consent via E-Invite email: Email is inputted and confirmed with name of applicant, screen package selection, and send email. Once applicant completes consent form the order automatically submits.

The “Consent Only” box can be checked for CRIMINAL ONLY PACKAGE with no Education or Employment verification information needing collection.

When Education or Employment verification information needs collection the application attaches to the consent form automatically. NO box needs to be checked ONLY submit the consent only form.

Depending on the screening package you choose to run would determine level of information needed to collect. Mandatory would be Name, current address, Date of Birth and Social Security Number. If you would like Sterling Talent Solutions to verify Employment and Education information then this information should also be given.

Results are typically in 48-72 hours for criminal processing. Verifications can take a day or two longer in some cases. The person placing the order will receive a secure, password protected URL inside and email back to Sterling Talent Solutions’s platform where the information is archived forever.

You may choose to Pass, Fail, or just Archive a candidate right from the detailed report section. This is your choice as information provided by Sterling Talent Solutions is information to make a decision. It does help in organizing your applicant’s information inside the platform.

An adverse action screen will appear and you can choose to have Sterling Talent Solutions send Adverse Action letter both (PRE & Final) per FCRA mandated law for a cost of $5.00 total includes both letters; or you can choose to manage this process yourself. If you choose to manage this process, then Sterling Talent Solutions will email you the letters to send for free. However, you will need to address, stamp, and mail these out in the FCRA compliant time frames.

On the Mathnasium landing page is a parental consent form to download and have the Parents sign off the check. A Paper consent form was sent to you in your welcome email, this also needs to be completed with the Minors information; Name, Address, Date of Birth, and Social Security Number.

This package of information needs to be emailed to Luke Jenkins or Zack Miller and they can ensure the order is placed.

Useful Information can be found in the Documents and Resources section. Including consent forms and adverse action letters in different languages, Parental consent forms for Minors, and many other resources.