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Employment Law for HR: Discrimination in the Workplace

Posted Thursday, July 20th, 2017 by Debbie Lamb, Sterling Talent Solutions

The background screening industry is highly regulated by laws/rules which protect job candidates, employers and background screening companies. The industry is regulated by legislation on all levels of government from federal to state to local districts. The variety of laws/rules can be overwhelming to an employer, and if regulations are not complied with properly, an organization might have to deal with penalties. To help ensure that they respect the rights of applicants and employees, organizations should be aware of their obligations and develop background checking policies that take into account their particular needs, risk tolerance and legal obligations.

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Sterling Talent Solutions Pride Profile

A Look Back at PRIDE Month: Diversity in the Workplace

Posted Wednesday, July 12th, 2017 by Devon Allen, Sterling Talent Solutions

People, culture and integrity are almost always at the very epicenter of Human Resources. At Sterling Talent Solutions, our own core values center on these concepts. There’s no denying that these values, rooted in valuing people, inclusion and collaboration, are strong justification for empowering diversity in the workplace. Creativity, teamwork and effectiveness are driven by our ability to each think differently, working to merge our many ideas, personal strengths and experiences to optimize any given project. In my time at Sterling, I’ve found this to be a priceless attribute of the work we do.

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HR Trends From SHRM17

Posted Tuesday, July 11th, 2017 by Debbie Lamb, Sterling Talent Solutions

It’s hard to believe that SHRM17 was just a few weeks back. The Sterling Talent Solutions team was in full force championing the simplicity of our background screening and onboarding platform in “The Big Easy.” We would like to thank everyone for taking time out of their busy conference schedule to stop by our booth, share ideas and feedback with our team. Sterling’s goal is to help companies hire with confidence by offering a simpler, smarter, background screening and onboarding experience.

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Three Tips that Will Make Onboarding Paperwork Easier for New Employees

Posted Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 by Debbie Lamb, Sterling Talent Solutions

Not so long ago, pre-employment paperwork consisted of three forms: Employment application, which was a printed two-sided piece of card stock, Federal tax withholding W-4 form and a state tax withholding form, That was it. Form I-9 was added as a required document a couple of years later, and E-Verify wasn’t even a twinkle in a regulator’s eye. At some companies, before the Kronos era began, the only paperwork new hires had to complete was a paper timecard.

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SterlingONE’s Enhanced Reporting Makes Background Screening Easier

Posted Monday, June 19th, 2017 by Debbie Lamb, Sterling Talent Solutions

We live in a world where data is an essential component of a technologically-based world. Data can be collected, recorded and reported quickly and easily. Sterling Talent Solutions is committed to delivering the highest quality background checks combined with the fastest service in the industry.

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How to Break-Up with Your Current Background Screening Provider

Posted Wednesday, June 7th, 2017 by Debbie Lamb, Sterling Talent Solutions

As a twist to the old break-up line, breaking up with a vendor could have a company saying: “It’s not me, it’s you.” Canceling a contract with a vendor might not seem like it is the same as ending a personal relationship, but in many ways it is. There are many things that must be considered before ending the relationship including the contract, the impact on the business and future relationships. Ending a vendor contract can happen for many reasons as explained by K Royal at IAPP, “Other times, there is simply a failure to meet needs, whether that means service-level commitments on the vendor side or a change in the circumstances that change your needs.”

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