Think You’ve Got Hiring Challenges? Find Out How ALDI Hires the Best Workforce.

Posted Friday, November 8th, 2013 by Sterling Talent Solutions

If you want to improve your company’s hiring practices and make more informed hiring decisions, there’s no better story to hear than ALDI’s. In 2006, ALDI came to EmployeeScreenIQ with a need to strengthen their overall hiring practices, particularly in the area of background checks. ALDI sought to improve store operations across the United States, in…

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What Do Bernie Madoff, Al Capone and The Unabomber Have In Common? Understanding Federal Criminal Background Checks

Posted Tuesday, October 8th, 2013 by Sterling Talent Solutions

If you’re running a criminal background check by adhering to best practices, including a search in each county to determine if your candidate has any convictions on his/her record, then you might consider your employment background screening program both thorough and accurate. On the other hand, if this does not describe your current program, you…

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Microsoft Sued for Rescinding Offer Following Background Check

Posted Thursday, January 15th, 2009 by Sterling Talent Solutions

HRRecruitingAlert’s Sam Narisi just posted a great story about a case where Microsoft was sued and found liable for rescinding a job offer after it found adverse information on the candidate’s background check.  I had always been under the impression that a conditional offer could be made pending the successful completion of the check.  It…

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