Technology is at the Heart of Everything We Do

At Sterling Talent Solutions, we are committed to delivering the highest quality background checks combined with the fastest service in the industry. To do this, we invest in cutting edge technologies and are constantly innovating new practices and processes at every opportunity. And when you unite our industry-leading technologies with the deep expertise of our extensive staff of global researchers and screeners, you get an unmatchable resource for background screening excellence.

Robust Screening Program Management

Our cloud-based, proprietary technology platform unifies your candidate orders and data into a single, unified workflow so that you can easily place orders, manage tasks, monitor status and view candidate records. Highly secure and regularly updated to meet evolving compliance standards, you can manage even the most complex screening program seamlessly including criminal background checks, verifications, I-9, drug screening, etc.

Key Features:

  • Initiate a background check, track and review results online
  • Automated forms and data collection to streamline the process
  • E-Invite technology that allow applicants to electronically provide consent and personal information to initiate the screening process
  • Integrated adverse action process that you can easily manage or that we can manage for you
  • Candidate profiles that can be linked to job positions and screening packages to help ensure consistency, while reducing discrepancies and human error when running background checks based on a candidate’s job duties/role (optional)
  • Automatic notifications for completed reports and ETAs that are customizable based on security policies and user rights
  • Instant SSN Trace results that provides a candidate’s address history to know where the searches will take place and if there are alias/maiden names associated with the candidate’s SSN so you can add them to the order
  • Visual dashboard that lets you see the current status of your candidates and orders at a glance
  • A candidate snapshot where you’ll find the latest information about order status, ID number, date and more

Additional Features:

  • Detailed Reporting
  • ATS Integration
  • Resource Library
  • Configurable User Profiles and Permissions

Improved Applicant Experience

Our cloud-based candidate portal is designed to helps you collect data from candidates for background screening, onboarding, and other HR requirements. Customizable to your brand experience, we offer various “workflow options” that allow you to control the information request process and to create a positive candidate and brand experience. What’s more, our platforms require no initial setup or configuration.

Key Features:

  • Customized and co-branded user interface to compliment your company’s recruiting process, including logos, landing pages, contact information, applicant instructions, a thank you page and footer content
  • A tailored experience for the candidate based on the screening services ordered
  • Ability to add company-specific documents that can be downloaded or uploaded in real-time
  • Receipt of acknowledgment and electronic signatures collection
  • State compliance consent forms displayed based on the candidate’s address history
  • Ability for the candidate to save work-in-progress and view the status of their background check, improving transparency and comfort level

High Speed Court Connections for Faster Criminal Records Searching

Court Direct™ is our proprietary criminal records delivery system that provides the fastest and most accurate criminal record checks in the industry. The Court Direct technology automates a historically manual and time consuming process by integrating with more than 2,100 jurisdictions throughout the U.S. – this covers over 75% of all criminal records searched. With access to millions of criminal records, Court Direct provides faster turnaround times while decreasing human data entry errors.

With Court Direct, you get faster results you can rely on:

  • Average turnaround time: 20 hours
  • Average turnaround time if clear: 10 hours